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Forester News

Jay Patel ’21

How did you find out about the Kemper program?

I found out about the Kemper program before coming to college when I was browsing through the Lake Forest College finance website. I read an article about Hajar Herbal ’20, who is a Lake Forest College Kemper Scholar.

Why did you want to participate?

I wanted to participate in the Kemper program, because it looked like a great opportunity to increase my network by meeting more people who wanted to pursue the same things as I did. The one-on-one mentoring also was a big deal for me, along with the non-profit and for-profit internships the program sets up. The academic scholarship and stipends were also a huge help.

What do you hope to gain from the program?

I hope to increase my network and knowledge about the finance industry.

Where do you think this experience will take you after graduating from Lake Forest College?

Through the Kemper program, I have met great students from the peer universities who I know are going to be lifelong friends. Through the Kemper program, I have also been given an offer to work for the company as an intern during the summer following my junior year, which can lead to a possible full-time job offer after graduation.