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Diane Diehl

Diane Grace Kyle Diehl

I was a transfer student to LFC in fall of 1968.  My first two years were at UC Santa Barbara.  Not sure if you remember, but the last minute students were housed in North Hall - that top floor.  Do you remember?  I met my husband, Russell Reed Diehl - Class 1968 LFC and played football.  Many of you will remember Russell, his reunion was last year - Class of 1968 - but because mine is this year, and he knew so many in the 1969 Class we decided to attend my class reunion.

We have lived in many places over the years, but from NYC where Russ worked for the Bank of New York, decided to re-locate to California. We lived in Irvine, California and Russ founded his own very successful investment banking company, Diehl & Company and I was a mother - though very involved in the Junior League, Theater Groups, as well as taught etiquette classes to children.  We have two sons and three grandchildren. Last year we celebrated our 49 year of marriage - August 24, 1969.

We did everything backwards - raised two boys and when they flew away to college, Mom joined the airlines and flew internationally trips out of NY and Russ held multiple assignments in India, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Zambia, Colombo, London UK , Jerusalem, Pakistan,  Kabul Afghanistan and Baghdad, Iraq over the last seventeen years.  So we are world travelers but my most favorite was Jerusalem.

I would have to fly to Dubai to meet Russ - as I was unable to fly into Afghanistan or Iraq.  Sometimes our assignments seemed like Mission Impossible - my first trip to Albania in 1998, I landed in Tirana only to see Russ hiding behind a tree motioning for me to come this way - he grabbed my hand and we ran over a hill and got into a car that whisked us away to safety.  The next day we were evacuated to Athens, Greece and remained there for a few weeks - the threat?  Osama Bin Laden was in town - I never heard of him and the Brits were doing a “sting” operation - though it failed. We also lived a few years in London, and I would accompany Russ to take some photos (I believe this was an intelligence assignment with NSA) of a man (Afghanistan Mafia) who lived in London.  Apparently, one of Russ assignments was to connect the dots of the Kabul Bank corruption, which he did in a report for the Department of State.  The stories are endless - all I cherish - for as I mentioned, we decided not to attend the 1968 Reunion last year but attend mine - however, last March 2018 Russ came down with a respiratory issue and within a few short months passed away.  Cause:  exposure to the environmental toxins in the war zone of Afghanistan and Iraq.  He held over eight different assignments to this region. We met at LFC - we grew up together - he was my life, my love.  I hope to attend my reunion - and for those of you who remember Russ (Class of 1968) I hope you will reach out to me in email or if you “recognize” me at the reunion will come up and say hello! 


Best to all.  Diane Kyle Diehl - diane@diehl.net - email me too - would love to hear from you.