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Let’s Catch Up!

So… where have you been since 1969? What have you been doing, making, thinking about, seeing? We’d like to hear from you. In return we’ll tell you about some of the rest of us as we share our stories on our reunion website. Deal?

I have agreed to pass along inspirational instructions in case you have no clue where to start or what to say. We all agree that a picture is worth 1,000 words. Does that mean two pictures are worth 2,000 words? Heck, yes. So send us a photo or two, and please label and date.

As for words, here are some ideas…

· Send us your darn resume and be done with this.

· Answer the eternal question, “What is (your) life?”

· Pass along a song or poem that pretty much sums up the last 50 years – or write your own.

· Pretend this is homework. (OK, so that means put it off.) But you’re an adult now. Grab a relaxant of some kind, put on some old tunes and just write something.

· If we don’t hear from you, we’re gonna nag you. So do it now!

*Please send all writings and photos to nyren@lakeforest.edu labeled as “Personal Reflection ’69”


Respectfully submitted,

Melissa Upp Nelson

’69 50th Reunion Committee Outreach