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Writing Center

Esther Kim ’22



Academic interests:

Brains, stories, and activism. I always say that I want to major in everything – and it’s true! I believe all subjects connect to one another in some way, and the different webs fascinate me. From reading and writing stories, and the psychological and biological mechanisms of neurons firing, the world is fascinating. While I love filming, acting and painting, I also enjoy pipetting in chemistry labs. I focus on studying the human experience, especially empathy. I love solving challenging puzzles, and hope to help change the world by learning more and having difficult discussions.

Leadership and Involvement:

Activism Club president, Eukaryon, Garrick’s Players, Stentor Chive, Radio WMXM 88.9 DJ, Theater, Writing Center, Resident Assistant, Student Government, Richter Scholar, Presidential Scholar

Tutoring Philosophy:

Everyone has a different voice and personality they want others to hear. As a tutor, I try to help people express themselves. I’ll be honest – writing is hard – but tutors make the process a little easier. Due dates, assignment sheets, and rubrics may be disheartening, but writing in a step-by-step way makes it easier. I want to work with people to help get their thoughts on the page, and to help being heard.