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Casey Nahm ’19


Honolulu, Hawaii

Majors and Minors

Major: Business

Minor: Psychology

Why did you choose to attend Lake Forest College?

I chose to attend LFC not only for the connections to the city, but to experience something completely different from where I grew up.

What campus organizations and/or clubs are you participating in this academic year?

I am a member of the Men’s Soccer team, I am a Student Ambassador, and I participate in Psych Club

What do you aspire to do after you graduate?

I plan on being a clinical psychologist with a focus on adolescents. I am currently applying to graduate school in pursuit of my PsyD.

What's your favorite on-campus activity?

I really enjoy being in the sports and recreation center.

What are two random but interesting facts about yourself?

I love to surf and have never tried broccoli.