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Liz Hozie ’20

Why did you choose Lake Forest College?

I thought the campus was beautiful and I’ve always attended small, private schools so I knew Lake Forest College would fit my personality. I also liked that Lake Forest was just far enough away from home in Bloomington, Illinois, but convenient to the train station in Chicago so that I could get home. That turned out to be important, since my family moved to Texas. Because I chose a college near a major city, I have access to an airport, so it’s still pretty easy to get home. Another reason I chose Lake Forest College was for its environmental studies program. I really liked that there is prairie and ravine restoration on campus and that, as a student, I’m involved in those efforts.

How are you benefitting from a liberal arts education?

At a liberal arts college, you don’t just take classes in one subject, in my case, science. You’re encouraged, instead, to take a multi-disciplinary approach, which was important to me because I’ve always been pushed to take more science classes and only science classes. Even though I’ve liked science from an early age, I always wanted to study music, art, and literature, too. Here, I’ve been able to take classes in film, art, politics, and economics. As it turns out, all of those classes have helped me in my major and will help me in my career. I wouldn’t have been able to do that at a lot of other colleges. I also appreciate that even as a science student I can participate in the Concert Band. I’ve been playing a musical instrument since I was 6-years-old, so it’s nice to have that break four hours a week to go to band and just play music with people who also just want to play music.

How has Lake Forest College met your expectations?

Right from the beginning, it seemed like I knew everyone. Once you have someone in one class here, there’s a good probability that you’ll have them in other classes. You really get to know other students that way. My professors know me, too. They know my name and my story and they remember me, even if I’m not in their department. I also like that everyone here cares about your future and how well you’re doing in school. Having small class sizes and being able to communicate with professors one-on-one…now that I have it, I wouldn’t want to do college any other way.

How has the sense of community on campus helped you?

I switched minors from biology to chemistry because Professor Wiser, my General Chemistry professor, talked to me after class one day and told me straight up: “You’re doing really well. Have you ever thought about minoring in chemistry?” She encouraged me to keep going, even though chemistry is difficult. She helped me realize that I do have the passion for this and that it will help me in the long run. That really stuck with me. I’ll always be grateful to her for that.

What would you say to someone considering attending Lake Forest College?

Think about the small class sizes and the personal appeal of being able to talk to your professors, being able to converse about your future, and have them actually care about you. There’s a real sense of community at Lake Forest College. We all encourage each other to be better and to branch out from what you think you want to do. If I didn’t have that encouragement, I wouldn’t be in the same spot that I am in today.