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Nick Thurston ’22

Why did you choose Lake Forest College?

The big thing that I was looking for in my college search was a smaller school in a bigger area. Being near Chicago, there’s tons of opportunities for internships and, eventually, jobs, yet the college is small enough that I know my professors and they know me. I’m not a number to them. It was important for me to find a college with small classes, but yet a lot of opportunity.  The financial aid that Lake Forest offers to qualifying students from the Mid-Atlantic States made it easy for me to go here. 

Has Lake Forest College met your expectations?

Yes. I do know my professors already and everyone is super nice, really professional, and tries hard to help you. It’s super easy to get help here. You can just email your professor or stop in their office and get your questions answered. There’s never a problem or an issue. They’re always there to help. 

What has been the biggest surprise for you as a student at Lake Forest College?

Balancing athletics and school work is different in college. Definitely the amount of time you’re putting into athletics is more than in high school and the academics are at a higher level. That’s a challenge to adjust to, but Lake Forest has the Forester Game Plan that helps you stay on track with your academics. The coaches keep tabs on their players and there’s a lot of help. 

Why should students from rural New York consider Lake Forest College?

It’s a much different atmosphere and there are opportunities you won’t find at home. That’s definitely a big factor. Chicago has a lot of internships and Lake Forest has a big alumni network that can help you make connections. When I’m ready to get an internship or a job, I know the Career Advancement Center can help me get set up right, rather than me doing it all on my own. There’s also an In The Loop Program where you live in the city, take classes, and work for a semester. I’m hoping to do that spring semester of my senior year. That will help me make a lot of connections. And I like that, as a student-athlete at Lake Forest College, I can sill study abroad. That’s not the case for athletes at many colleges. It’s nice to have that option.