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Evan Weller ’21

Why did you choose Lake Forest College?

I’ve been swimming since I was 6-years-old and wanted to swim competitively in college. That was one criteria. I also wanted to try to get as far away from home as possible, so I was looking mostly at NESCAC (New England Small College Athletic Conference) schools on the East Coast—where I could swim. Reality hit when I realized those schools would cost about $60,000 a year.  I told my college advisor I needed to find somewhere I could get scholarships for my high school academic performance. She told me to look at Lake Forest College, which had been on my list the whole time but I never visited because I thought it was too close to home. When I came here for the first time, I just absolutely fell in love. It was a general feeling I got when I stepped on campus. I just knew this was where I needed to be. My college advisor told me I’d get that feeling when I found the right college—and I felt that here. I

What was the application process like?

When I visited campus in the fall of my senior year, the admissions counselors told me that if I applied early decision I would find out by the end of October if I got in or not. That was really appealing to me. I wanted to be done with the college-search process. I applied a couple of days after I visited. And by the end of October, I found out I was accepted. I was done. That made my senior year of high school a lot more relaxed.

Did Chicago play a factor in your decision?

Yes, it did. I’d been to Chicago a lot before I came to Lake Forest College and knew it had a lot to offer entertainment-wise and for getting internships and making career connections. I like to go to the city with my friends. There’s a lot to do. And plan to reach out to the College’s alumni connections in the city for networking. 

What opportunities have you pursued at Lake Forest College?

I’m a member of the varsity swim team and I am in like nine different clubs. I have many different leadership positions across campus. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? HOW DO YOU EXPECT THIS TO HELP YOUR FUTURE?

Why should prospective students from Springfield consider Lake Forest College?

If you’re looking for a small school that has a really great community of people, Lake Forest College is a good place for you. If you’re heavily involved in high school, you can do that easily here. It’s a great place to get involved. It’s also a great place to be an athlete. If you want to make friends and have an awesome undergrad experience, Lake Forest College is a perfect choice.


Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, a member of athletic council, and I’m the PR manager of the radio station.
I think it’s important to get involved on campus because it shows potential employers that you live a multi faceted life and have interests in numerous areas. It also shows employers that you can lead the people of an organization when you hold leadership positions in the organizations you’re in. It’s also by far the best way to meet friends on campus. That’s how I met a lot of my best friends here on campus by being in different clubs with different types of people.