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Annmarie Buabeng ’21

Who knew that structuring molecules and discovering their energies could be so fun? Buabeng worked alongside Assistant Professor of Chemistry Paul Gladen and Associate Professor of Chemistry Dawn Wiser to do just that, contributing new content to the College’s Organic Chemistry lab curriculum.

Q. What type of research are you conducting?
A. I am conducting a computational lab for the Organic Chemistry lab course. My research pertains to the structures of molecules and the energies of those structures based on the different positions made by rotating carbon-carbon bonds. To conduct my research, I am using a computer software to draw the molecules and rotate them, making the software calculate the energies of the different orientations of the rotated molecules. Then, I am going to write up a lab for the chemistry department to add to the Organic Chemistry lab curriculum.

Q. How do you think this experience will impact your future?
The Richter Scholar Program will impact my future by allowing me to have experience with the laboratory side of the sciences and to gain knowledge pertaining to how computer software can be used to positively influence and assist the chemistry department at the College.

Q. What’s it like working one-on-one with a professor?
Working one-on-one with a professor is more laid-back than in class, and there is time to go further in-depth learning about the various sectors of chemistry that I need to know about to complete my research. I am working with two professors and, as a result, I always have someone to go to with questions, clarification, and help when I need it.

Q. What was your favorite part of the Richter Scholar Program?
A. Working with two professors on two topics—computer design and chemistry—and combining them to create a lab that uses the computer to provide a visualization of what is going on at an atomic level. This research is preparing me for topics that I will learn about, and it allows me to get a better sense of computational chemistry.

Q. What did you learn about yourself during the Richter Program?
he hard work and determination I put forth can truly give me opportunities that I have hoped to experience.

Annmarie Buabeng ’21


—By Sangjun Hornewer ’20