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Student Life

Camry Sanders


Chicago, IL


Politics/Legal Studies

Campus Activities

UBA, Pride, Garrick Players


Play guitar, piano, write music, play video games, binge watch movies and tv shows.

Why did you choose to come to Lake Forest College?

I chose to come to LFC because it seemed to provide a refreshing a college experience, not like the other colleges I’d visited. Also, the school had a small classroom size and that was very important in making my college decision.

Why did you want to be a First Connection Peer Mentor?

I wanted to be a Peer Mentor because I went through the First Connection program and it helped make my first year of college much easier. I also wanted to be a mentor because I wanted to be able to provide the resources and knowledge to other students, that I was fortunate to receive from my mentors.

What academic advice do you have for our incoming First Connection mentees?

Take care of your mental health above all else. Though it isn’t a tangible or sometimes visible issue, it definitely impacts your work ethic, so if you need to take a day off to just relax and catch up on work or whatever it may be, do it.

What do you advocate for?

I advocate for the happiness and progression of people. I’m a firm believer that people should take the necessary steps towards what makes them happy, no matter what others think of their happiness. I’m also a firm believer in equal rights and opportunity, I don’t believe anyone person is better than any other person of different race, orientation, etc.