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Student Life

Zora Pullen


Detroit, Michigan



Campus Activities

Rugby, PRIDE


Working out

Why did you choose to come to Lake Forest College?

I wanted a smaller, intimate school but close to a larger city. I was originally suppose to play basketball, but I chose a different route. Also, I wanted a flexible, liberal education so I could be well-rounded.

Why did you want to be a First Connection Peer Mentor?

I wanted to help first year students transition as well as I did with this program. This program allowed me to gain confidence and make friends easier than just coming during student orientation.

What academic advice do you have for our incoming First Connection mentees?

As hard as it is to do, do not procrastinate or try not to do it all the time. Doing things earlier will not stress yourself out and you will have more time for other extra curriculars. Also, make connections with professors or other staff so you have an adult to talk to about other acadmeic issues.

What do you advocate for?

I am a big advocate for POC LGBT students. It’s a forgotten minority group because we think of them seperately. Usually, POC in the LGBT community have a harder struggle than non-POC LGBT students.