Writing Center

Ani Karagianis ’20


History and Sociology and Anthropology

Academic interests: 

Cultural history (films, music, and “celebrities” of yesteryear), Tudor-era English history, forensics, childhood development, medical anthropology, language/linguistics, and archaeology.

Leadership and Involvement: 

Varsity Swim and Dive Team, Richter Scholar (2017), Presidential Scholarship, Chicago Fellows Research, Dean’s List, Forester All-Sportsmanship Team (2016-2017), Forester Athletic Team (2017-2018), and Academic All-Conference.

Tutoring Philosophy: 

I struggled with having confidence concerning my writing until I arrived on campus. Now, I hope to instill confidence in the clients that I see. I hope to do that through positive reinforcement and open lines of communication. It is the clients that are in control, and I merely help them along the way.