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Caleb Arnwine

“I've built strong relationships with my professors. They're willing to help me with work references, letters of recommendation for grad school, and advising me on routes to take based on my interests. That, to me, is more valuable than sitting in a classroom with hundreds of students and a professor who doesn't know you.”

Why did you transfer to Lake Forest College?

It’s a good location, close enough to home so that I can commute, and the classes are small, so I’ve really gotten to know my professors. I’ve been able to build a relationship with my professors, where they’re willing to help me with work references, writing letters of recommendation for grad school, and advising me on routes to take based on my interests. That, to me, is more valuable than sitting in a classroom with 500 students and professors who really don’t know you. At Lake Forest College, my professors can see what I’m really like and, with their knowledge and experience, they’re able to see what would be a good fit for me. 

Did you feel welcome at Lake Forest College as a transfer student?

I did. While I’m a little bit more reserved and introverted, I still have a space here. I am accepted as an individual with my personality and character traits. That’s what I appreciate about Lake Forest College.

What would you tell someone who’s considering transferring?

The overall goal in college is to maximize your chances of going further in life. I see college as a means to an end of getting a better job or better opportunity. Coming to a college like this, you’re actually going to meet professors who want to help you, and that’s what you need to consider when you’re thinking about the next step—your career.

How has the Career Advancement Center helped you?

I attended the CAC’s Allstate recruiting event on campus and met someone there who is going to mentor and coach me. Besides setting up those kind of recruiting opportunities, the CAC gives you the chance to develop and network on your own, which I appreciate. 

What advice would you give to a student who is considering transferring to Lake Forest College?

Figure out what it is that you want out of your college experience, and then compare that with the opportunities that Lake Forest College offers. It’s not always the best fit for everyone, but it’s a really good fit for a lot of people.