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Modern Languages and Literatures

Evelyn Johnson ’18

How did you choose your area of study?

My freshman year I knew I wanted to study business. After taking Professor Tuttle’s Economics course, I became very interested in business analytics. After taking an Entrepreneurship course, I realized I was passionate about business strategy and development. I really like working with numbers, so finance was a perfect fit. Business is so global, and I realized a Mandarin minor would be a perfect complement. I was able to take something away from every class and utilize it in my current role that requires strategy, optimization and financial forecasting for an industry-leading company.

More information to share?

Something overlooked by many business majors is learning a foreign language. Living in a globalized economy, being fluent in another language is an asset for any corporation. Learning another language also uses another part of your brain that promotes creativity and innovative thinking. If you are interested in pursuing any form of business (economics/finance/accounting/entrepreneurship etc.), I highly recommend studying a foreign language. It will not only set your apart from other candidates competing for the same job, but will expand your way of thinking.