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Sarah Applebey ‘18

How did you choose your area of study?

Everything that makes a us who we are—our aspirations, personality, and behavior—can all be boiled down to the processes that take place in our brains. In this sense, we are our brains, and I love neuroscience because it is truly the scientific study of the self. Neuroscience first piqued my curiosity when my high school anatomy teacher informed us that scientists did not know the exact functions of various glial cells. With so much to yet uncover, I enjoy being at the front lines of neuroscience research. Initially, this major was simply a means to get to graduate school. However, I have fallen in love with learning about the brain and love being involved in the neuroscience community. In the future, I hope to continue learning and will pursue a PhD. in neuroscience. I am so glad to have attended Lake Forest and encountered incredible professors who have taught me a passion for neuroscience!