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Chris Occhuizzo

Where all have you lived? Where do you live now?

Northeast, now Amelia Island FL

About your family:

Matt, fashion photographer NYC. Kate, HR Exec Ottawa Canada

What kind of work did/do you do?

Owned restaurants then started a 30+ year career first as a stockbroker, then a Certified Financial Planner with my own wealth management firm. Retired in 2010. 

How do you spend your leisure time?

Playing bluegrass, golf, participating in city government

What are your community involvements?

Amelia Tree Conservancy, Planning Advisory Board

Things you've learned to be true in the last 50 years...

The older you get, the faster it goes. Family is what really matters. We truly are stardust.

Things you've seen in the last 50 years that were spectacular...

Much of the world

Things that have surprised you in the last 50 years....

That our government would be in worse shape than in 1968. 

Things that have disappointed you in the last 50 years...

That our government would be in worse shape than in

Have you had a life changing event?