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DeWulf Fulton

Where all have you lived? Where do you live now?

Since 1960 a lifelong resident of Bristol, RI the jewel of Narragansett Bay.

About your family:

In 1985 married Martha (Reed) Fulton of Colorado Springs, CO. We have two children. Marshall, 31, is a commercial real estate loan banker living with his wife Lauren in New Rochelle (NY) and working in NYC. Daughter Rosie (30) lives in the Fenway in Boston and is a project manager for Vistaprint.

What kind of work did/do you do?

Since 1968 have worked as an Outward Bound Instructor, secondary and undergrad English teacher, print and television news editor, self employed adv/pr mgr, Communications Director for Providence Mayor Vincent Cianci, Jr. and retiring last year after 15 years teaching 6th Grade English in Providence Schools, the front lines of urban public education.

How do you spend your leisure time?

Working my one-acre waterfront property on Narragansett Bay, harvesting firewood, landscaping, gardening, sailing (Herreshoff 12.5), visiting Marshall and Rosie, reading, birding, crossword puzzles and annual trips to Mexico’s Yucatan (The Mayan Riviera) with Martha where explore Mayan ruins and engage the local populace.

What are your community involvements?

Program director for a local Men’s Club lecture series, securing speakers of general interest for monthly mtgs open to the public. Currently on a committee to celebrate the 300th Anniversary of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, coordinating events and speakers for a year-long observation. I am also helping ad hoc projects at nearby Roger Williams University with student members of the Young Republicans. Also continue to help projects at DelSesto Middle School in Providence (Garden Club, poetry slams, Latino cultural events, faculty retreats)

Things you've learned to be true in the last 50 years...

That world travel, bumping shoulders with everyday working people and a practiced understanding of the world’s great literary works make you a better citizen. That secondary uban public education is the leading civil rights issue of our generation. Top down education policies (see Arne Duncan) and Democratically controlled unions are largely destructive. That the preoccupation with data and testing erode the relationship between teacher and student, agent and object. The Finns have it right that giving autonomy to quality teachers produce higher scores. That our national movement towards entitlement culture is damaging to independence, freedom and personal self-reliance.

Things you've seen in the last 50 years that were spectacular...

The comeback of the osprey, achievements of Mayan architecture, and the growth, maturation and successes of my two children. I have also marveled at the tireless efforts of my urban teacher colleagues to solve the impossible issues of public education, and the unparalleled rewards of witnessing even the smallest successes of the students we nourished.

Things that have disappointed you in the last 50 years...

That recent travels to Paris for a family wedding bore witness to the increase in terrorism with the ubiquitous presence of heavily armed security guards at the National Palace, Luxembourg Gardens, Chartres Cathedral and other formerly inviting locations. I admire French resiliency.

What are you most proud of?

My two children.

Other thoughts you'd like to share:

That I remember well the lessons of great English literature learned in Graves Hall. That aside from regular exercise and a healthy diet, the secret to longevity includes the perpetual cultivation of relationships with family and friends.

Who you're most looking forward to seeing at the reunion:

Those who have aged gracefully and with a good sense of humor. I hope to remember your names. I’ll not forget Bob Bullard