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Katie Roth

Senior Director of Development and Alumni Relations

1. What excites you about your work at Lake Forest College?

I work on communicating with our alumni, parents, and friends of the College about our students, faculty, staff, academic updates, and campus life. I focus on making sure that alumni, parents, and friends of the College hear stories and updates that interest them and inspire them to stay connected to the College.

2. Describe your relationship to the College? 

I attended a small liberal arts college and value the education, culture, and opportunities a small college provides. I also love the beautiful campus and the very friendly and motivated students.

3. How many years have you worked at the College?

I have worked for the College for 2 years.

4. Anything else you want our donors to know?

When you get a call from the College, we hope you will answer! We love connecting with alumni, parents, and friends and enjoy hearing about your experience.