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Leslie Taylor

Visual Communications

1. What is your role as part of the communications and marketing team?

I work in the Visual Communications department since starting on September 30, 1985. Over the years I have worked in all aspects of the printing department which is well suited to me getting my BS degree in Industrial technology with the specialty in Graphic Arts/Printing from ISU.

2. What excites you about your work at the College?

Many students have worked in VisComm (formerly known as the Print Shop) and I believe they all left with the ability to go onto another job and be the “office savior” when the copier goes down. They know how to fix those copiers since working with them as student workers. That is the best part of working at this acclaimed academic institution, interacting so closely with the future achievers of the world.

3. One ‘did you know’ fact about yourself:

In 2008, I went to China with the College. I tagged along the class taught by Professor Shiwei Chen. We spend 3 weeks all around China and having Professor Chen, a Chinese native, made the country come alive as we traveled from Beijing to Xian to the southern parts of the county and also Shanghai. Professor Shen is not only an excellent teacher he is also a wonderful trip facilitator.