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Matthew Baltimore

Digital Media Specialist

1. What is your role as part of the communications and marketing team?

I work as the College’s videographer and photographer. I organize, film, edit, and post video and photo content on the school’s website and social media channels. 

2. What excites you about your work at Lake Forest College?

I love creating videos that can be used to show off Lake Forest College. I love being able to use various video content to showcase the College’s undeniable potential. I love the location and the history the College undeniably possesses.

3. Describe your relationship with the College?

When I first visited the College, I was mesmerized by it’s environment. My first visit was in the fall, which is a beautiful, lush time for the College. Students, colleagues, and faculty are all so genuine - they  want to know how your weekend was and to get to know you at a personal level. It’s nice to have that in a workplace especially when you are relatively new to working at the College.

4. How many years have you worked at the College?

I have worked here 7 months or 58% of a year.

5. One ‘did you know’ fact about yourself:

Did you know that I played football at Northern Illinois University and was a participant in the 2012 Discover Orange Bowl game?

6. Anything else you want our donors to know?

I love working at Lake Forest College and look forward to making future projects for the College!