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Allen Olson

Assistant Director of Visual Communications

1. What is your role as part of the communications and marketing team?

I am the assistant director of the Visual Communications office which produces the printing, copying here at Lake Forest College. All of the dept’s rely on me to handle their stationary, brochures, cards, posters and copier needs. My goal here is to provide a timely turnaround for their printed pieces needed and manage the individual copiers that they use on a daily basis. I strongly believe that we should all be team players for the good of our institution, students education and for their future careers.

2. What excites you about your work at Lake Forest College?

I love working here at Lake Forest College, since starting here in 2002 there have been many positive changes. The way printing and copying has developed into a digital world has been a big plus, producing things faster and more economical. Saving the College money is very important and vital for the continued success here. I enjoy the relationships with the students who have worked for me and mentored over the years. There are students who thank me years later for the experience that they gained here in order to fulfill their careers that they now have. 

3. One ‘did you know’ fact about yourself:

As for my personal time, I enjoy fishing, hunting, woodworking and anything outdoors. I feel lucky to be here within the beauty of Lake Forest!