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Susan Morris

Marketing and Communications Manager

1. What is your role as part of the communications and marketing team? 

As the Marketing and Communications Manager, I primarily communicate to our alumni.  This could be through our website, newsletters, email, or social media. I also plan the timelines for some of this communication and oversee our student workers who help with a multitude of tasks.

2. What excites you about your work at Lake Forest College?

I enjoy working with alumni and students who are creating their life - with Lake Forest College as a large part of their history and, in most cases, friendships.

I also especially enjoy working our student workers. 

3. Describe your relationship to the College? 

I am a Lake Bluff Resident and have three daughters ages 9-14 who are in school in Lake Bluff.  I love working near them so that I can be there for them if need be. I also love what the College stands for and I am proud to be a part of such a tremendous institution.

4. How many years have you worked at the College?

2 years.

5. One ‘did you know’ fact about yourself: 

I have lived in many different places in the United States including Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Detroit, Miami, Nashville, Knoxville, Tampa, Orlando, Gainesville, FL and Bay City, MI.

6. Anything else you want our donors to know? 

I am always happy to help alumni in any way. I am very friendly and love to help people make connections to old friends, colleagues, and faculty.