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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Megan Lambert

Why did you decide to become an entrepreneurship and innovation minor? 

I have always been entrepreneurially minded and known that my long term plan is to open a business. Partially because I have a problem with authority and like doing things my own way, but mostly because I am a creative person with a good sense for business and have been told for years that people would love to buy what I make. I started sewing at age twelve and by fourteen people were asking me to make clothes for them. When Professor Jaffke approached me about the entrepreneurship program I knew that formal study could only help what I was already doing.

What did your study of E and I add to your major? 

Economics and entrepreneurship go hand and hand. After all, the economy is made of businesses that are, or were at some point, the dream of an entrepreneur. E and I put economics in practice. Understanding micro and macroeconomic trends is essential for a business owner, and being able to apply theory to real world business is valuable for understanding highly theoretical economic principals.

What was your favorite course and/or professor in E and I?

My absolute favorite was an independent study I designed on ethics in the fashion industry. It examined fashion business models that use ethical and environmentally friendly manufacturing and design practices. The research from that course was one of the main foundations for my senior thesis. 

How did your major and minor help you either find your current job or help inform your current job?

“Entrepreneurially minded” is an HR buzzword right now. From small tech startups to big corporations, people want to hire entry level colleagues that know how to innovate, challenge the norm, and take on challenges. I’ve had two roles since I graduated college, both at Aon, and I have used the strategic thinking and innovation skills I learned every day. My current job focuses on change management for Real Estate and Technology; my coursework in college taught me the practicalities of business operations, but also the importance of strategic thinking, the art of communication, and the patience to deal with those who are resistant to change.

What are your plans for the near future? 

I start by MBA at University of Chicago Booth School in September of 2017!