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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Tyler Armentrout

The businesses: Awubis and Passpal


Tyler Armentrout ’18 says he wants to make the most of his college years, exploring different opportunities and learning about his interests. These days, Tyler is creating his own opportunities by starting his own businesses.


Awubis logoInspired by an article he read on student entrepreneurs who started a new business every weekend, Tyler launched an campus on-line delivery service with his business partner, Mariano Garcia Jr. ’18. within one weekend last semester. Tyler said they never intended their business, called Anubis, to make a lot of money. It was just something they saw a need for after talking with people on campus, and they had a desire to see if they could make it happen.

Pass PalPasspal logo

Now that the school year has ended, Tyler has moved on to a new business venture, Pass Pal, a mobile app that gives real-time analytics to event planners. He and his business partner, Jeremy Edelson ’18, have been putting in time meeting contacts and testing the app. “While I have contacts with a lot of local Chicago concert production companies and artists, Jeremy has been able to connect us with the same type of people but in Los Angeles. There is no one else doing an app like we are, but in order to do it right, we’ve got to put the time into the planning and strategizing phase.”

Will there be another business idea after this one? Maybe, but Tyler says next he’d like to experience the structure of working within a large business. “I’m learning what I like to do, and where I feel my strengths are. I want to experience something different from what I’ve done up to now. I think I would do well in a role that focuses on business development, project management, data analytics or wealth management. I think college is all about trying out different things, challenging yourself, and learning from the people around you.”