Writing Center

MP Zwane ’18


Communication and Politics

Academic Interests: 

Social justice and human rights in conservative and oppressive regimes, Global politics and international relations, Entrepreneurship, Public speaking, Communication

Leadership and Involvement: 

Umoja member, Intramural Soccer, Intramural Badminton, Former Umoja President, Vice-President, and Treasurer; Former CHIC Fashion Club Events Coordinator, Men’s/Woman’s Soccer webcaster, First-Connection Mentor, international student from Swaziland 

Tutoring Philosophy: 

I was once a freshman that believed I could write well, yet I found it challenging to effectively convey this “ability” in my papers. I quickly learned that writing at the college level is much harder than I initially thought, but I believe the potential for good writing is in each and every college student. The Writing Center does not merely aim to teach, but the Writing Center provides students with a mirror in which to reflect on their writing ability. Ultimately, our achievements in Writing Center sessions are the client’s own triumphs. Therefore, I became a tutor because I want clients to eventually develop useful tips for independent writing, and I want to see all our clients succeed.