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Writing Center

Kyle Sarabia ’18




Academic Interests: 

American Law, Social Theory, Deviance, Forensic Psychology, Contemporary Philosophy

Leadership and Involvement: 

LEAP, CHIC, CLC, Photography Club, Dean’s List, Presidential Scholarship, Patterson Academic Scholarship, Honors Fellow, Secretary of CHIC, College Life Committee Student Representative

Tutoring Philosophy: 

I believe there is a certain power within one’s writing from commandeering words, inspiring emotions, and developing strength. In the English language, everything is a simple combination of twenty-six letters. All the most beautiful and provoking English writings came about from these twenty-six letters, which are available to anyone and everyone. Developing the capability to harness the potential of these letters can bring about confidence, something I believe you need in everything you do, wherever you go. I tutor because I want to see my clients grow, succeed, and be confident in their words and themselves.