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Jordan Gavens


Associate Director of International Admissions

Phone number



IL (Loyola Academy, Lake Forest Academy, North Shore Country Day), MI, International

High School

Harvard-Westlake School (Los Angeles, CA)

College and Major

BA - Communication Studies

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI

Working for the College since

March 2017

My life before Lake Forest

I was a publicist at a PR firm in Chicago. I primarily worked on restaurant accounts, so I am definitely a foodie.

One word or phrase to describe myself


Top three reasons I would choose to attend Lake Forest College

Campus, community and diversity. Lake Forest College fosters a unique environment for its students. Students are given the opportunity to know their professors, classmates and peers not only through class, but through the wide array of activities, clubs and opportunities offered by the institution. Furthermore, students are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones and meet people from all different types of backgrounds. The icing on the cake is that they do all of this in one of the most beautiful suburbs in the country, while only being 30 miles away from the bustling city of Chicago.

What character traits do I appreciate in an applicant?

I really enjoy getting to see an applicant’s sense of humor. It is great when an individual’s personality comes through on their application.

What makes the College unique?

Lake Forest College values a liberal arts education. The curriculum challenges students to become critical thinkers, thorough researchers and problem solvers. At the same time, the school is dedicated to providing students with pre-professional opportunities by facilitating and encouraging internships and ways to explore their career interests. It is very unique for a liberal arts institution to place equal emphasis on the skills learned in the classroom and those gained in a work setting.

Tip for the college search

Do not limit yourself. Learn about as many schools as you can and try to visit the campuses. Students commonly fall in love with a school on paper, then it doesn’t feel quite right once they step on campus. The opposite can also happen, so be sure to stay open-minded and take every opportunity to really learn about a school. If possible, visit colleges that may not initially be top on your list. It’s amazing how a school can feel just right after spending a few minutes on campus!

Hint for success

At the risk of sounding cliché, be yourself! Admissions Counselors want to find students who will not only excel at their respective schools, but who also will feel at home during their four years on campus. Therefore, let all of your colors shine through your application.

Favorite activity in Chicago

I love grabbing a cup of coffee and taking a long walk on the Chicago Lakefront Trail, especially on a beautiful day. As a Chicagoan, I take every opportunity I can to spend the day outside!

Favorite place in the town of Lake Forest

Foodstuffs! I could live off of their chocolate covered gummy bears.

Fun fact to share

My arms are double jointed. Whenever I have to straighten them, people always do a double-take.