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Matthew McPherson ’17

How did you explore your interests and decide on a major?

I explored my interests through networking events on campus and by utilizing my career advisor and academic advisor to develop my career goals further.

What were your responsibilities as an intern?

During my internship, I executed multiple marketing campaigns and conducted analysis to recommend efficient practices within the business.

What was the most rewarding part of your internship?

The most rewarding part of my internship experience was the widespread impact it made on the company.

What did you learn about yourself during your internship?

During my internship experience, I learned about the multiple functions a department may oversee to contribute to the success of a business. This experience was integral to understanding organizations in my professional career.

What role has your internship played in shaping your career path?

The internship gave me opportunities within the food industry and will provide me vital insight for my first job.

Do you have any advice for students completing internships in your field?

Take the opportunity to learn about other departments in an organization. It is a great learning experience and will be extremely beneficial for knowing what you want in a job.