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Bruce Holtman ’19

What did you think of the faculty?

The faculty here are so great. Professor Heely has helped me out in so many ways. Last year, I told him what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be over the summer. He gave me a website and connections to start making. He encouraged me as a first-year to just go do it. I work with professors instead of just being lectured at.

What was your favorite class?

I really liked the senior seminar I was able to take as a first-year student. The class was made up of 7 students from all grade. We each individually wrote a scene for our play OJ and Friends: A Bronco Ride Through Crime. We wrote separately and then came together to combine them into a show. We wanted the audience to guess whether the situations were real or fake. Half real, half fake and it was just really cool to see people discussing each performance as they left the theater.

What drew you to Lake Forest College?

I was applying to schools mostly in New York and LA. Lake Forest was actually the only Chicago school on my list. I visited the schools and New York was just overwhelming. There was no campus and all the classes were far away. It didn’t feel like college. When I visited Lake Forest, all I could think was, “Dang, this is pretty cool!”

What has surprised you most about Lake Forest?

The freedom of what I can do. I did early decision at a larger, theater school and if I went there, I would have been owned by them. You sign a contract and can’t do any outside shows. I still wanted to do music and understand more about my craft. I couldn’t have even cut my hair without their permission.

What has Chicago done for you?

I would have never guessed that I would be going with class to Chicago every weekend. We read two plays a week and then we go see that show downtown right after we talk about it. Last semester there was a lot of August Wilson going on and since that’s part of Chicago, we saw the performance after we read it.

What are the facilities like for theater?

At Lake Forest we do blackbox theater. There is something about black box theater that draws me to better theater. It’s something I like more than spectacle theater. Those are great, but there is a connection that you can’t have with the audience. If an actor spits and the sweat gets on the audience, that’s real theater.


More information to share?

Here, you get to have a college experience outside of theater. I never thought I would join a fraternity and like it. I knew I’d be in choir because I love choir, but doubling majoring was not something I thought was feasible. The small campus is what I love and what wanted. I know the majority of people here and that’s what I like. I’ve already had some leadership positions. I wanted to be a part of this school and help it grow, all in my first year.