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Rather Stanton ’01


“I feel strongly about the importance of financial giving because it is good for the long-term fiscal health of the College.”


Rather Stanton ’01 first heard of Lake Forest College from one of his friend’s father, who had attended the College. When he visited, he found that the College was a great fit for him based on its geographic location and proximity to Chicago, as well as the academic focus on business, since he planned to major in Economics and Political Science.


Rather attributes his continued involvement with the College to the quality of his experience during his time as a student.


“I enjoyed my time there and the people I met. It was a good education… I just want to support my alma mater,” he said.


When it comes down to it, Rather’s reasons for his active participation in the College’s affairs as an alumnus are quite simple.


“I think all alumni should give because they have a vested interest in the quality of the school. I also think that it is important to pay it forward and give students the same opportunity that I had.”


That opportunity is something that Rather expressed a lot of gratitude about, and he feels that the College prepared him for the many things life would bring.


“Lake Forest College helped me to grow as a person; it gave me the confidence and skills to go to law school and to start a high school on the West Side of Chicago with a friend,” he said.


In 2012, Rather cofounded Legal Prep Charter Academy in the hopes of providing quality and affordable education to people who might not otherwise have that opportunity. Thanks to his Lake Forest College education, he is now running the business aspect of the high school.


Rather also spent several years working at a large Chicago law firm, and started two non-profit organizations. This is evidence of Rather’s commitment to having a positive impact through a number of outlets, including the future of Lake Forest College.