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Samantha Miller ’17

How did you choose your area of study?

I came here to major in biology. I was scared of chemistry, but my freshman chemistry class went very well. My professor encouraged me to look into chemistry as a major and I decided to major in both. 

What did you think of the faculty?

The connection with faculty has definitely played a major role in my success at Lake Forest. My professors are always there to give you advice about upcoming courses, to help out with a resume, and just to provide encouragement along the way. They’re available for academic, social, and emotional support. They field questions about course content and curriculum, but they’re also there to just have a conversation. 

How important were scholarships in your decision to attend Lake Forest College?

I can’t underestimate the importance scholarships have had in my life. Yes, it helps me be at Lake Forest, but it also gives me piece of mind and an opportunity to branch out and pursue other interests like violin, tutoring, and volunteer work.

What kind of volunteer work do you do?

I am a classically trained violinist who plays the electric violin. I really like to go out on the street and play, and I use my tips to work with a non-profit called Bravo Waukegan. I want to see what kind of difference we can make with these kids. I’m not on the front lines doing the hard work, I’m just a student trying to help where I can.