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Marsha Anderson ’68

Why are you supporting ACCESS | The Campaign for Lake Forest College?

Because I believe in this place and in gratitude for all that it gave to me and all that I have found useful my whole life.

Why do you think it’s important for the College to support faculty?

Without the faculty, you don’t have much of an educational institution. They are the core of it all. I’ve seen so many wonderful instances of professors working one-on-one with students and the pride they take in their students’ accomplishments. Sometimes it’s a special opportunity, like the Richter program. Sometimes it’s part of the normal class work. Our faculty are so pleased to have helped students achieve and so open to letting them be part of conferences or to partake in the professor’s own research activities. There’s just a closeness about it and an honesty and love of doing it that I think makes the difference. That’s the kind of faculty we have here. They were here when I was here, and it’s the faculty we need in the future.

Why do you think it’s important to include the College in your estate plan?

It was a gift that my parents were able to send me here. If I can give back so that others will have the same opportunity I did, then I’ve honored them and I’ve honored the education I received. To make that statement, that it was important enough to earmark something, says a lot about your feelings about the College, the people you met here, and its impact on your life.

*For more information on putting the College in your estate plans, please call 847-735-6025
or visit http://www.lakeforest.edu/giving/campaign/planned-giving.php.