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Casandra Goodpaster


Associate Director of Admissions

Phone number


High School

Moline High School (Moline, IL)

College and Major

BA - Journalism, Media and Cinema Studies
DePaul University - Chicago, IL

Working for the College since


My life before Lake Forest

Before joining Lake Forest, I spent half of my first year in the adult world slinging mud and booking porto-potties as an Event Coordinator intern with Red Frog Events, and the second half traveling and working as a nanny in Chicago.

One word or phrase to describe myself

Positive communicator

Top three reasons I would choose to attend Lake Forest College

1. Community! Lake Forest is a place that values its students and fosters a great learning environment committed to the development of its students. Where else does the president of a college have office hours for students?
2. Opportunities! Lake Forest has a wealth of study abroad opportunities, internship connections, and allows its students to study multiple interests while still graduating in four years.
3. Chicago! With the third largest city in the country just a short train ride away, Foresters have an all-access pass to Chicago’s smorgasbord of theater, museums, music, sports, architecture and my personal favorite: beaches.

What character traits do I appreciate in an applicant?

Curiosity, leadership and the ability to let your own personality and voice shine through. Ask questions, take an active role in the process, and be yourself!

What makes the College unique?

It’s a diverse community that is small, warm and welcoming. Even the President of the college is going to know your name!

Tip for the college search

Be honest with yourself. Knowing what you want in a home away from home is the hardest part, and it may take visiting a variety of institutions to find that out. Once you know what you want, be active in your search: research the schools you’re interested in, ask questions on campus, and make sure you can see yourself not only living, but thriving in the community you choose.

Hint for success

Surround yourself with people that do more than just provide a good laugh. Surround yourself with people who challenge you, who have different perspectives than you, who you can laugh with, and who make you a better person.

Favorite activity in Chicago

In the summer, an afternoon at the beach and an evening exploring a new street festival. In the other nine months, a home Blackhawks game.

Favorite place in the town of Lake Forest

Downtown Lake Forest is quaint, close by, and has everything you’ll need - from coffee and bagels to really cute shops, plus the metra stop and my personal favorite - Egg Harbor Cafe!

Fun fact to share

I absolutely love to travel! I’ve been to 36 of the 50 states and five countries internationally. My goal is to hit all 50 states and at least a few more countries!