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Jessica Dudley ’14

How did you choose your area of study?

Once in my freshman year of high school, my science teacher brought out a mink for dissection. I was one of the few students excited to dig my dissecting knife into this dried creature. This came as no surprise to me, as I have always been interested in animal anatomy/physiology. My freshman year of college, I was introduced to a new aspect of human anatomy – the brain and the mysteries that could destroy it. Now a senior, I have served as a summer research assistant, researching the relationship between music and brainwaves via EEG, and performed research that will hopefully become a senior thesis. My next goal is to gain graduate training in nursing and eventually earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice. The neuroscience major has given me a great deal of discipline, biological knowledge, and research experience to push me into this next step.

More information to share?

Jessica is pursuing a Masters in Nursing degree at University of Illinois in Chicago.