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Jody Buck ’13

“During the fall of my senior year I interned as a writer with Make It Better Magazine in Wilmette. This internship provided me with a unique opportunity to combine my two majors by writing articles that presented current research in neuroscience in a readable, engaging way that appealed to the magazine’s readership. I published several articles over the semester, including a series on stress and how to manage it. I gained valuable skills from this internship that are crucial to my success in my current career path. I now work as an admission counselor where it is incredibly important to communicate effectively with prospective students and parents. My background in neuroscience especially helps with my ability to relate to, and speak technically about, IIT’s science programs and to work cohesively with IIT’s science faculty. My previous experience and technical skill set in writing, that I gained from my internship, has made me the go-to person in my office for drafting and editing letters and publications that are sent out to thousands of students. I also continue to pursue my passion for science writing as a freelance writer in my spare time.” 

How did you choose your area of study?

“As a neuroscience major, I studied the connections between brain, mind, and behavior because I never cease to be amazed by how truly remarkable the human brain is. I especially enjoyed learning about language and the molecular and psychological basis of our immensely complex ability to speak, write, and communicate with one another. I found that my study of neuroscience provides me with a unique background for approaching and appreciating my second major in English, and connecting these seemingly unrelated academic disciplines. What I enjoyed most about studying at Lake Forest College is the amazing support of the professors who are always willing to provide extra help with anything I may need, from understanding concepts discussed in class to finding internships. My postgraduate plans are to pursue a career in scientific editorial writing.”

More information to share?

Jody is now pursuing a Masters degree in Human Resource Management at the Illinois Institute of Technology and planning for a career in organizational behavior consulting.