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Katrina Campbell ’14

How did you choose your area of study?

“Our knowledge of how the nervous system works is greatly expanding. In the future, I think we will continue to understand things we doubted we would ever discover. This is one reason why I chose to become a neuroscience major. Like many others in the field of neuroscience, I am also interested in how our brains function to produce what we call consciousness and how problems can arise within our nervous system. Through the neuroscience program at Lake Forest College, I have presented at and attended multiple conferences. Attending conferences allows me to talk with people that work in the fields I am interested in and see for myself what scientists do past an undergraduate degree. In the future, I hope to complete a PhD program in a biology/neuroscience related field such as molecular biology or neuroscience.”

More information to share?

Katie is currently a IRTA (Intramural Research Training Associate) at the National Institute’s of Health’s Rocky Mountain Labs.  She plans to attend graduate school in the future.