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Kayla Ahlstrand ’12

“I interned at Preiser Animal Hospital in Northbrook, IL.  I had recently decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine but had little experience in the field.  At Preiser, I observed veterinarians and technicians in exam rooms and in surgery, learned and performed a variety of tests and blood work, administered fluids, antibiotics and pain medications, and prepared vaccinations for the doctors.  I also learned about common diseases, illnesses, and treatments for dogs and cats.  The doctors and techs were wonderful and very willing to teach me anything and everything I wanted to know. After my internship, I applied to and accepted a job at Greenbay Animal Hospital in Wilmette, IL as a veterinary assistant.  My internship definitely played a role in securing this job, as I was more comfortable talking to the staff at Greenbay and I had a “leg up” on vet terminology, tasks, etc. Interning at Preiser also solidified my desire to pursue a career in vet medicine, something I had contemplated for a long time.”


How did you choose your area of study?

“I am studying the connections between brain, mind, and behavior because I believe many people underestimate how powerful our brains really are. It’s fascinating to learn about the underlying reasons that cause us to think and act the way we do. My interest in neuroscience originated as a Richter Scholar studying Parkinson’s disease. After declaring a minor in neuroscience, I helped create and became an executive officer of SYNAPSE, the college’s brain awareness organization. I especially enjoy the neuroscience curriculum because it combines my interest in my major and another intriguing field of study, psychology. What I most enjoy about studying at Lake Forest College is the close-knit community and the ability to be involved in many activities on such a small campus.“ 

More information to share?

Kayla is now pursuing a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at the University of Wisconsin Madison.