Student Life

Mphikeleli Zwane

I prefer to be called




Class Year


Major of Study

Business (though I am looking to change it to Communication)

Campus Activities

Treasurer of Umoja, Intramural Soccer and Badminton


Writing, playing an instrument, soccer, and meditation.

Why did you choose to come to Lake Forest College?

I chose Lake Forest for its close proximity to Chicago. I also wanted a small diverse college where I will have a great access to professors and the student to faculty ratio here is amazing. I also like the Town and nearby town as they are kind of cultural and the landscape around North Sheridan is heaven to me, love the trees, grass, the beach etc. Reminds me of home!

Why did you want to be a First Connection Peer Mentor?

I chose to be a mentor because I had an overwhelmingly loving, warm and accepting welcome to the college which immediately made me feel safe and at home. Have not been homesick ever since. I would like to try make others possibly feel the same and therefore they can focus on being who they are during their stay at Lake Forest College.

What is one piece of valuable academic advice that you would tell an incoming student to Lake Forest College?

As academic advice to incoming freshman, I would advise them that they should try be completely open with their advisors. The advisors at the college are amazing and helpful yet they are limited to just how much you give to them as advisors. That also goes for the students professors as well. Attending office hours and showing desire to improve and do well will make the professors return by getting even more out of the student and helping them achieve in capacity that the student may have never imagined. It is easy to do well here at the college but it is just as easy not to, if you do not get help.