Student Life

Ashton Williams

I prefer to be called

Ash or Midnight, my DJ name


Memphis, Tennessee

Class Year


Major of Study


Campus Activities

United Black Association; Latidos Unidos; WMXM (LFC Radio); PRIDE; The Dance Team; Ally Program



My hobbies include writing poetry and lyrics, listening or creating music, dancing, and making someone’s day better.


Why did you choose to come to Lake Forest College?

I chose to come to Lake Forest College because I wanted to be in an environment that I could be myself and not have to feel ashamed for being me. I wanted to be able to do what I wanted to do and love who I wanted to love for the first time of my life and I knew I could do it here and Lake Forest College.


Why did you want to be a First Connection Peer Mentor?

I wanted to be a mentor because I want to reach out to people who may not be comfortable with themselves and tell them that it’s okay. It’s okay not to know what you want and it’s okay for things to constantly change. I want the mentees to get the community feeling that I received when I first came here and honestly I don’t think I would have truly became the Ashley I am without it.


What is one piece of valuable academic advice that you would tell an incoming student to Lake Forest College?

Procrastination will creep on you every chance you get. Also, school is tough. There will be a lot of days that you will feel like you can’t do this or that. There will be days where you will either want to cry or will cry because of all of the pressures classes will give you. Do not give in to those feelings; you can do it! Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know something and don’t be afraid to reach out for help. We want you to be the best you that you could possibly be! You can do it!