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Holly McHenry ’18

What's your story?

When I came into college one of the things that I was most nervous about was deciding on a major. Even though I’ve known that I wanted to be a college counselor since I was a junior in high school there is not exactly a “college counselor” major. I ultimately deiced to come in as a Communication major to give myself a place to start. Although I enjoyed the first COMM class I took, I didn’t feel a true connection to it. At first this was really concerning to me. I didn’t want to be stuck in something that I didn’t find super interesting. I didn’t panic, but instead decided I just needed to look around a little bit.

When signing up for my next semester of classes, I chose a handful of different classes to try and find my niche. On a whim, I chose Sociology and Anthropology 110 with Professor Boden. From the course description it seemed like a fairly interesting class and I had heard good things about the professor. I had no idea going into it how much I would love it. I found every topic we discussed to be fascinating. There were so many instances that made me step back and think about the world and our society in a way that I had never thought about before. This was so exciting to me! I loved participating in class and sharing my thoughts and opinions. I was so excited for each new topic we discussed, and felt so comfortable in this class that about half way through the semester, I realized that I may have found my calling. This was the feeling that I had been looking for, and it felt amazing!  

As a liberal arts school, Lake Forest allows you to explore a wide variety of classes in order to find a major that not only suits you, but is something you’re passionate about. When I talk to a high school student who is nervous about coming into college undecided, I will always let them know that there’s no need to panic. In fact they should be excited! They have a chance to take a plethora of different types of classes. In the process they not only get to learn about a lot of different things, but they also get to discover a subject they love and feel at home with. Your time at college is the opportunity to find something you love. There’s no point choosing a major to fulfill an expectation if it does not make you happy. If I were to pass down any advice to incoming freshman it would be; don’t be afraid to try new things and find a major in something you love!