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Spencer Ivy

Why I Joined the Board

I joined the Board because I wanted to help input the direction of LFC, and do whatever I could the help the students that followed me.

Favorite Memory of Lake Forest College

One of my many favorite memories of LFC is when we took a Race & Racism in America and the class was so divided with UBA & Alpha Pi members that at the end of the semester we decided to do a joint party to bring everyone together. It was a great party and a great day for both organizations.

Favorite Spot on Campus

It would be the computer lab at night. It was so peaceful and quiet, all you heard was the sounds of keyboards typing away but that was it.

Favorite Professor or Class

Dr. Dozier, and my favorite class was Black Lit of the 1960’s

Why I chose Lake Forest College

LFC was great because it was a small school, and I loved the class size and the people I met made me feel at home. LFC also allowed me to not just get an education but to gain knowledge and how to think. The freedom of learning was a big draw.

What "Forester for Life" means to me

The phrase “Forester for Life” means to me that LFC is not just letters on a resume, or something you think about from time to time. It means that LFC is a part of you forever and it helped to shape you. The experiences and knowledge that you learned at LFC has not only touched your life but the lives of so many other people because you and LFC are intertwined.

Advice to Lake Forest College students

Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb to learn. LFC provides you a unique opportunity to learn what you want to learn and to get in a field you are passionate about. Once you find a job that you love doing it is not work anymore, and that will impact your life tenfold.