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Katy Burroughs Jaramillo

Why I Joined the Board

I joined the Alumni Board because this is a great way to stay involved with Lake Forest College. I really enjoy knowing what is happening on campus as well as meeting students and other alums through Board Meetings and activities. 

Favorite Memory of Lake Forest College

One of the best memories I have of Lake Forest College is just hanging out with friends in the Wood Lounge. I always had a great time at sorority events and participating in shows with the Garrick Players, but just the day to day life at Lake Forest College was really what made my college experience so wonderful. 

Favorite Spot on Campus

My favorite spot on campus is in between Carnegie and Hotchkiss. Carnegie is my favorite building, and I spent a lot of time there being an English major. I only had a few classes in Hotchkiss, but it is so beautiful, especially in the snow!

Favorite Professor or Class

I would say that I have two favorite professors: Richard Pettengill and Rick Mallette. Pettengill was my thesis advisor, and I would not have completed my thesis without all of his advice and support.  Mallette was my advisor for my major starting with my second semester on campus.  He was always incredibly helpful and really let me choose the path I wanted to take.

Why I chose Lake Forest College

Lake Forest College was the perfect school for me.  I knew from the moment I visited campus that this is where I wanted to be (and I visited in the winter!).  The people in admissions were terrific, and my host student, Becky Roberts ’06, ended up becoming a great friend.

What "Forester for Life" means to me

When I worked in admissions, we used to tell prospective students that when you come to Lake Forest College, you become part of the Forester Family.  I did find a second family here, from my freshman year roommate, to many friends now serving as Chicago “aunts and uncles” to my daughter, and, of course, my husband, Sam Jaramillo ’05.

Advice to Lake Forest College students

To incoming students, choose a school that will be a part of the rest of your life not just part of the next four years. To current students, study what you want, make connections, and have fun. To graduating seniors, you are on top of the world right now, use that to your advantage.