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Boomer Bucks and Flex Dollar updates

Check out the details of the meal plan updates and how to spend at the end of the semester. Need to update your Meal Plan for Spring 2019? Do so by Friday, December 21.


Below are two important pieces of information regarding dining on campus.


Flex Dollars and Boomer Bucks


Boomer Bucks, which are the spending dollars that come with residential dining plans for on-campus residents, roll over from Fall to Spring semester. This is a change from previous years. Boomer Bucks will remain active in your account and you will receive the next installment of Boomer Bucks when the Spring board plan begins on January 14, 2019. If you are graduating in December or studying off-campus in Spring 2019, you should plan to use the balance of your Boomer Bucks before dining venues close for the Fall 2018 semester on Thursday, December 20, 2018. Unused Boomer Bucks cannot be refunded.


Flex dollars, which are added separately and are not part of the dining plan, only expire after 12 months after inactivity. Flex dollars are typically added by commuter students or residential students who exhausted their Boomer Bucks early in the semester and wanted to replenish their balance.

If you would like to check the balance of your Boomer Bucks or flex dollars, you can request an update at any dining location without needing to make a purchase.


Meal Plan Changes


Students who wish to change their meal plan for Spring 2019 are able to do so between Friday, November 23 and Friday, December 21. The meal plan change process is available in the online housing portal. Students can change between any of the meal plans for which they are eligible and can change as many times as they wish during the three week period. The meal plan they have selected when the process closes at 11:59pm CDT on Friday, December 21 is the meal plan they will have for the Spring 2019 semester. We are not able to make meal plan changes after that date so please plan accordingly.


Detailed instructions for navigating the meal plan change process are attached to this message