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Rooftop garden taking shape

Students and faculty started planting on the Lillard Science Center’s rooftop garden this week, creating a new outdoor research lab and roof ecosystem demonstration space.

“We’ll be able to research plant survival and reproduction in a green roof environment,” Chair of Environmental Studies Jeff Sundberg said. “We’re also demonstrating the use of a roof as an ecosystem, not just a dead space, and we’re providing plants for insect pollinators in the area.”

The list of native plants the team of students and faculty members planted in the third-floor garden include:

  • Milkweed - Asclepias sullivantii  
  • Poke milkweed - Asclepias exaltata
  • Sideoats grama - Bouteloua curtipendula
  • New Jersey tea - Ceanothus americanus
  • Bottle gentian - Gentiana andrewsii
  • Prairie smoke - Geum triflorum
  • Royal catchfly - Silene regia
  • Fire pink - Silene virginica
  • Stonecrop - Sedum

“That’s just the beginning,” said Sundberg. “We will be adding a lot more plants next spring.”