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New grad publishes first graphic novel

Print and digital publishing major Jaime Harris ’18 published their first graphic novel, Pivot, prior to graduating this past May.

The following Q&A provides insight about their work and how the College helped them achieve the novel’s completion, as well as the inspiration behind it.  

Q: How has Lake Forest College helped you complete this project?

A: I was able to get many of the skills I needed through different classes. I learned InDesign through the Publishing Practicum, connected with other comic creators in a class at SAIC (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) that I took while I was in the In The Loop Program, learned a lot of publishing logistics from my internship at The University of Chicago Press that I has while in the Loop as well, and finished production of the comic during my Senior Creative Project last semester. All of the actual comic creation was self-taught. I’ve been reading through the library’s little comics section since my first year.

Q: Why did you want to create this novel?

A: I had required sports in high school since we had no gym, so all four years I played softball. During my first year at the College, I really missed my high school softball team and got the idea to create a comic as a tribute, of sorts. We were a really bad team, but I had a really good time. I also wanted to make a webcomic for the longest time and thought that creating something short, with an end, would be practical. Pivot was all published online originally before I compiled it together.

Q: What was your ultimate goal for this novel?

A: I just needed to make it and get it out there. There needs to be more sports books for girls out in the world, especially those with LGBTQ representation. I want a book that someone can read for comfort and optimism.

Q: What is your next step after graduation?

A: Right after graduation, I am preparing to debut Pivot at Chicago Zine Fest on May 19, along with many zines I have made over the years (including three zines I made for three different classes). After that, I am going back home to Ohio to search for jobs and eventually returning to Chicago.

— Sangjun Hornewer ’20