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Lake Forest College honors hardworking staff at the 2018 Staff Recognition Awards

As the 2017–18 academic year came to an end, the College recognized staff members who made a difference to the College, its students, and the broader community by presenting four recognition awards.

Recipients, who were announced at the Staff Recognition Award ceremony from among 23 nominees, each received $250. Listed below are the awards and their recipients. 

Creating an Oustanding Student Experience Stacy Oliver-Sikorski,  Senior Associate Director of Res Life and Ed Helrigel, Assistant Director of Facilities Management.

“Stacy is a constant positive presence in the lives of our students. She has unique leadership abilities and an eye for creating an outstanding student experience.”

“Ed has always demonstrated to me that he’s dedicated to this College, its people, and he truly cares about it. He wants students to feel at home and relaxed and he’d do anything in his power to give them that.” 

Furthering Academic Excellence  Beth Herbert, Lab Supervisor 

“Beth runs all of the biology department labs flawlessly, providing often disadvantaged students a great learning experience that they may not receive any other way.”

“Beth has served the biology department for 14 years with an extraordinary level of dedication, time, and creativity, regularly offering her services and ideas for a much wider scope of curricular and co-curricular activities.”

“Beth has this amazing infectious enthusiasm for science that commits her to make our ideas work. She cares so deeply for the student learning experience that it helps her give critical feedback to us to see how we can improve our own teaching when instructing in the lab.”

Achieving Fiscal Sustainability Aco Petrusevski, Science Shop Machinist

“Aco was a tremendous help in facilitating the move from one part of the science building to the new wing. Aco happily used his excellent skills to remove fragile blackboards from office walls and install them in new offices. The construction company thought they would all be demolished during the renovation as they were too difficult to remove without breaking them.”

“Aco is an invaluable resource […] Sometimes we don’t quite know the best way to do something, so we ask Aco to help us brainstorm possible solutions. He is always willing to build something, let us try it, and build it again, if necessary.  Such patience and adaptability is remarkable.” 

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