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Students praise Dozier

Associate Professor Judy Dozier was selected by the Class of 2018 to receive the Great Teacher Award and was honored at the Seniors Honors Convocation for her achievements. Recent graduates couldn’t pass up the opportunity to speak to how Dozier impacted their experiences at the College:

 Jessica Baum ’18

“Dr. Dozier is funny, caring, and very engaging. She sees the uniqueness in each of her students. She teaches us to learn about others and to look at the world through their eyes. She helps her students to grow not just as learners, but as people.”

Ashley Lamarre ’18

“I sometimes have to remind myself that Dr. Dozier was never officially my advisor because she provided the care and attention of an advisor. She acted this way towards every student, regardless of their actual academic interest. Due to the recent inception of the African American Studies major, I found myself having three classes with Dr. Dozier in one semester during my junior year. In each and every class, she continued to bring forth a fresh perspective on course material. She also combined this with a genuine curiosity to hear students’ thoughts on both course material and current events, and pushed us to look at things through a different lens. I think her classes initiated some of the most powerful dialogues that campus staff would be thrilled to hear about.

“I vividly remember one class where we discussed how much representation matters in encouraging people to pursue various career fields. After hearing many students share their thoughts on how representation makes no difference to them, I shared my thoughts. I talked about what it’s like wanting to be a successful Professor and knowing that Dr. Dozier was the only tenured black woman at the entire college, which is comparable to diversity within the professoriate as a whole. With that, Dr. Dozier continued to serve as a reminder that I too could be at the head of a classroom one day and make a real impact on students’ lives while doing what I love.”

Bright Lole ’18

“I think what makes Professor Dozier unique is that she is honest with students in her teaching sessions and office hour meetings. Her courses discuss matters that seem to be ignored on campus, and she is not afraid to tackle these sometimes difficult subjects. Having the opportunity to discuss race from an African point of view was really helped me adjust on campus.”

Jakobi McClellan ’18

“Professor Dozier truly deserves this award, and much more. When I had her as my College Writing professor during my first year, she started off the class by asking everyone why they were enrolled in the course. When it was my turn, I told her I did not belong in the class and that I WAS a good writer. She smiled and told me to prove my statement. Her words that day motivated me to strive for greatness in my writing and in many other things I involved myself in on campus. Sitting down and talking with her are some moments that I will always cherish. She is an educator that deeply cares about her students and wants to see them blossom into amazing human beings. I just hope I am able to live up to her expectations.”