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Brian McCammack awarded 2018 Dunn Award for Outstanding Teaching and Scholarly Promise

At the 2018 Senior Convocation, two professors were awarded the prestigious William L. Dunn Award for Outstanding Teaching and Scholarly Promise. Assistant Professor of Environmental Science Brian McCammack was one of the recipients.

The William L. Dunn Award for Outstanding Teaching and Scholarly Promise is presented to a non-tenured faculty member whose combined teaching and scholarship are judged to be outstanding by a committee of teaching faculty. This year, two professors were awarded the honor,  McCammack and Assistant Professor of Anthropology Rebecca Graff. Dean of Faculty Michael Orr presented the awards at the Senior Honors Convocation on May 11.  

McCammack, an alumnus of Purdue University and Harvard University, joined the faculty of Lake Forest College in 2015 after teaching as a lecturer in history at Tufts University for a year and serving as a visiting assistant professor of environmental studies at Williams College for two years.

Since 2015, McCammack has established an “enviable reputation” as an inspiring and passionate teacher in environmental studies, and he is praised for his clarity of explanations and his challenging, caring, and compassionate classroom environment, Orr noted.

McCammack has taught a wide range of courses, including introductory courses to the study and 300-level courses on topics such as the American environment during the Great Depression and apocalyptic fears in the post-war American environmental consciousness.

He recently published the book, Landscapes of Hope: Nature and the Great Migration in Chicago, which is the first of its kind to study the African American Great Migration as an environmental experience. The book has received three national prizes:

  • The George Perkins Marsh Prize for the best book in environmental history from the American Society for Environmental History
  • The John Brinckerhoff Jackson Prize for the contributions to the study and understanding of garden history and landscape studies from the foundation for Landscape Studies
  • The Frederick Jackson Turner Award for the best first book dealing with American history from the Organization of American Historians 

“As an effective and engaging instructor and forward thinker in the study of environmental science, Professor McCammack is a worthy recipient of the William L. Dunn Award,” Orr said.