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Student careers impacted by unique undergraduate publishing opportunities

At Lake Forest College, students have a plethora of unique opportunities in research and scholarship available to them. Not only are undergraduates able to work on innovative projects as early as their freshman year, through programs like the Richter Scholar Program, they also have the chance to be published through student-run academic journals.

Eukaryon is Lake Forest College’s award-winning undergraduate research journal that publishes the very best of student life science scholarship conducted at the College within its research-rich classrooms and faculty labs. The journal is governed, peer-reviewed, and published by an undergraduate editorial board.

The journal is a prime example of the ways in which the College’s science department provides its students with opportunities to hone their skills in their respective disciplines. “A major strength of Lake Forest College sciences is our early and deep focus on undergraduate scientific research training in our students,” said Disque D. and Carol Gram Deane Professor of Biological Sciences and Chair of Biology Shubhik DebBurman. “Our curriculum encourages students to think outside the box, formulate exceptional ideas worth pursuing, and communicate them effectively to catch the eye of the outside world.”

Publishing in Eukaryon is a hands-on experience for all students involved with the journal. “Without the talented students in our organization, it would be impossible to output this journal,” said Aasimah Tanveer ’18, the 2017–18 editor-in-chief of Eukaryon. “The editorial board worked tirelessly, demonstrating a remarkable amount of dedication in order to best showcase another year of the best research, academic scholarship, and thought-provoking features from the efforts of our talented peers here at Lake Forest College.”

The hard work involved in creating a journal like this does not go unnoticed. Publication marks success in any scholarly discipline. Involvement with a journal like Eukaryon, either as an editor or as an author, truly distinguishes students as they move into the professional world.

In fact, Kim Diah ’13 and Maria Basith ’14 published a research proposal in Eukaryon Volume 9 and were contacted within a few months of the journal’s release by a pharmaceutical company that was looking to recruit them. Though they both followed different career paths, this was an exciting opportunity for Diah and Basith to consider. Their experience is just one of many that show the scope of possibilities available at Lake Forest College.  

Eukaryon “is a real testament to the incredible organization and leadership of students and to what students can achieve at the College,” Dean of the Faculty Michael Orr said at the unveiling of the 14th annual edition of the journal

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