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Professor Les Dlabay reflects on retirement

Prior to the faculty retirement celebration April 24, we asked our retiring faculty to reflect on their time at the College and what has kept them inspired during their tenure.

Here’s what three-time Great Teacher Award recipient Professor of Economics and Business Les Dlabay had to say:

“My teaching career has been guided by viewing each day as my first day, with excitement, anticipation, and a new beginning—while also viewing every day as my last, with deep reflection of my values, behaviors, and contributions to students. Several years ago, there was a film, Chariots of Fire, about runner Eric Liddell and the 1924 Olympics, who was quoted as saying, ‘God made me fast, and when I run, I feel His pleasure.’ When I teach, and connect, and commit to students, I feel God’s pleasure. Recently, I received a comment on my course evaluations that noted I taught my students how to learn. I’m very grateful to have helped that student, and others, develop a behavior that will serve them for a lifetime.”

We invite you to join fellow alumni who are paying tribute to Professor Les Dlabay’s retirement by making their annual gifts in his honor this year and emailing him to express their appreciation.

Les Dlabay Retirement